Warm Things Up This Winter With These Must Haves

Dressing up can be one way to uplift your mood when you know it’s going to be one of THOSE days. But that can be difficult when winter is a season that makes you want to dig a hole and live in it.

Winter Fashion

We know that we need jackets, boots, scarves, the works, but who says we need to conform to the norm? Switching things up and adding a little character is the best thing you can do to bring a look to life. Try different textures, patterns, colours – just don’t be afraid to be a little extra. Don’t let the safe options rule over your winter wardrobe.

What you need and where to get it…

Patterns that will have you patting your own back

Patterns have been around and inspiring the fashion industry for a very long time and they just keep coming back into style. The reason for this is the fact that they are timeless and it’s easy to play around with ideas and try something unique (tip: some patterns just don’t go together and this is something to keep an eye on – however if you are brave and want to soar like an eagle, by all means, bend the rules).

A favourite has to be the stripe and polka dot combination, or just a simple outfit like Jeans, Scotch coat and throw a bright coloured scarf in the mix.

Winter Fashion

A coat/jacket will save you

A lifesaving item for winter has to be a good coat. Whether its ladies or gents – coats and jackets are a must; you can dress it up or down and still look great. Not to point out the obvious, but coats are warm (of course, if you buy the right one) and they are easy to play around with if you want to introduce a pop of colour. The gents are not normally keen on matching colours but if you do; nothing beats a matching scarf. The ladies on the other hand can do absolutely anything like matching with shoes, bag, scarf, earrings and more.

A spot with jackets and coats to check out; Zando 

Put your best foot forward

What is warmer and sexier than a pair of boots this winter? Ladies and gentlemen, everybody needs a good pair of boots in their life, and trust me when I say there are tons of ways to work it. Some of the shoe spots to check out include Forever New, Tread + Miller, Caterpillar (CAT) just to name a few.

A stylish boot can bring any outfit together instantly and allows for simplicity so maybe adding a pair of jeans to your outfit will do it justice.


Don’t be afraid to add some colour and accessories into the mix.

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