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Tea Spots That Will Have You Hooked On That Good Good

Where tea is considered, I am always there! So naturally, I had to represent some of the tea connoisseurs out there. You can call me bag lady. I’m sure you can’t start a good day without a cup. Don’t worry, this is a judgement free zone. Now, let’s talk where to find your fix.

Tea Spots

Crabtee & Evelyn | The Tea Room

Situated at the Design Quarter in Crabtree & Evelyn is The Tea Room, a heavenly spot that is one of the most traditional tea places around. And no, it’s not a bad thing, it just means that they love tea served the right way.

The place is all about pairing the cup of yum with something to nibble on – tea drinkers know that bakery goods are an awesome combo with a cup or two. They have a variety of teas, including black and blended herbal-infused tea that will have you yearning for peace, quiet and a book.

Just a heads up, they only open on Wednesdays through to Sunday, however you can book a high tea for your next event – for unique effect.

Tea Spots

Contessa Tea Room

Known for their tea tasting, Contessa has become one of the most talked about tea rooms in Jozi. This awesome spot is great for those known as explorers, because your palate will most definitely go through a fun and delightful experience.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but tea will have you calm and just feeling good – and if there is that one thing every person needs from time to time, it’s to try something new. In case you have never found interest in tea and just want a tasting session to confirm whether it’s your thing – this is the place.

Tea Spots


If there is a place that will steal your heart, not only because of tea but also because of its uniqueness – it has to be Yswara. Not only is it beautiful, but the tea collection that comes with it makes it a gem forced to be reckoned with.

The idea of just taking in the aroma of these curated teas is beyond breathtaking (this is the part where my colleagues would judge me for sniffing the tons of tea stash I have on my desk). The wide selection of teas available will leave you spoilt for choice.

The decor at Yswara is something worth talking about, guys this place looks like “tea vogue”.

Tea Spots

The Tea Merchant

Someone, please take me to the merchant of all teas, the variety of varieties. The Tea Merchant has to be one of the few spots that have everything concerning tea, and boy, do they make awesome gift sets!

Their loose leaves come in a massive variety. The first time I visited, I didn’t know where to begin. All I knew is that I want it all – teapots, infusing sets, everything!

Before we round this off, just a few last words of advice – the best tea is made in a tea pot, the best way to drink it is slow and lastly, explore. Surprise your taste buds once in a while.

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