Shopping at Talullah Earthstones

Driving down Northrand Road in Boksburg, there’s an odd shopping centre right on the corner of Trichards Road. This face-brick building features a Medicross Medical Centre next to a News Cafe topped by a hooka lounge. in other words, it’s a little bit of a lucky packet. When you walk past the corner loaded with restaurants, you’ll be greeted with a Boksburger’s dream! We’re talking fishing, shooting, tactical outfitters – everything an outdoor-loving man (or woman) will need. There’s also a cute bakery, a pet shop, groomers and one of those cheeky adult shops. This is certainly not the place one would expect to find one of Joburg’s finest esoteric and spiritual shops, but lo and behold, it certainly is.

When you walk into Talullah Earthstones, your senses are immediately enveloped in the scents of vanilla, rose, frankincense, white sage, Dragon’s Blood, lavender, patchouli, honeysuckle, jasmine, sandalwood… the list goes on. The interior of the store is nothing short of a rainbow, or rather, a Chakra chart with the thousands of crystals in every shape and size, figurines, clothing and dream catchers. Once you have entered this quint spot, you can’t help but reach out and touch the smooth and cold exteriors of the crystals, the soft lightness of the feathers or rough prickliness of their herbaceous smudge sticks. There is certainly nothing quite like sticking your hand in their huge crate of tiny mixed crystals – it feels just like a giant bean bag.


Whilst browsing, you’ll find some beautiful candles as well as the most adorable bag of bath salts. I purchased the vanilla-fragranced one which smells heavenly and holds bits of quarts crystals for a bath that is both soothing and cleansing. Quarts are known as multi-purpose healing stones that intensifies the properties of other crystals. This I learnt from the nifty cards explaining the properties of crystals hung above each type of crystal in the shop.

If learning about crystals is something you are interested in, you’ll be in the right hands at Talullah Earthstones. They offer several workshops throughout the year such as crystal light therapy, crystals 101, crystal meditation and crystals for beginners. They also offer other workshops, some of which are free of charge, like introduction to tarot reading, dream interpretations, making your own smudge sticks and aura cleansing workshops.


Further in, you’ll find a plethora of items like incense, books, kits, boxes and essential oils. This store stocks beautifully soft printed tees and bright tie-dyed flowy pants as well as handbags, purses and hoodies. They have a wide range of crystal jewellery, everything from an amethyst enclosed in a skull to the 7 chakra colours on a crystal sphere. Plus they have several individual essential oils and well as pre-blended oils to treat issues like stress and anxiety. Their books are diverse in topics from angel cards to ancient runes. But their dream catchers… this is the only store where I will purchase something so sacred. Talullah’s dream catchers are sure to take any nightmares away. I happen to have a black seashell one, a giant purple and crystal one and a tiny blue beaded one. Needless to say, I am something of a collector- anything for a night of peaceful sleep. At the register point, Talullah often has cards on display for a customer to pick. The assistant will then read your card for you, giving you a slight hint towards your future. It is the little touches like this that make them a treasure worth coming back to.

Other little touches they offer are custom made pendants to suit your own tastes and needs. They will also cleanse your crystals in store for you if you find the crystal is giving you a bad energy. And their Facebook page is full of helpful hints, information and video tutorials.


Find more about Talullah Earthstones here.

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