Kohl Make-Up

The Best Facebeats Are Made At The Kohl Make-Up Academy

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. While this is true, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enhancing that beauty. Whether you want to be a make-up artist or just want a facebeat, Kohl Make-up Academy can definitely assist.

FYI: For those who don’t know what facebeat means, it is make-up that is perfectly done. Similar to the concept of slaying.

Kohl Make-Up


As A Student, You Can Expect…

Kohl is not just about make-up. This academy aims to equip and develop skills for anyone who wants to get into the world of all-round beauty.

They are also experts in hair-styling for performances, productions, airbrush make-up, body art, fashion, media, photographs and magazines. They pride themselves in offering a modern approach to both the theoretical and practical applications for students while offering the best training.

Their courses are internationally accredited, so you walk away with a qualification that has a wider opportunity in the working industry. They, themselves, have worked in ample international gigs that have allowed them to keep up with the latest trends.

Being a student here opens doors for you to be scooped up by beauty houses and productions to kick off your working experience.

Kohl Make-Up

Getting All Facebeat

Kohl Make-up Academy also has a “book an artist” option, which allows you to book a make-up artist to apply your make-up; be it for a production, an event or seminar.

You do have to be a Kohl member, so you will need to register on their site to begin your journey. Simple enough, right?

They also have a shopping cart for you to buy equipment, anything for starting the look, doing tiny last minute touches and finishing off the look. We’re talking face, body, primer spray, airbrush gun, accessories – you name it.

Kohl Make-Up

Men and Make-up

Men have been skeptical about make-up. But it is a trend men are warming to globally. Despite this, African and South African men have not been open to the idea.

However, men in the film and production industry have had little choice as this is a norm in the industry. So it’s just a matter of preference, and if you are seeking professional advice – the Kohl Make-up Academy is the place to go.

The Finishing Spray

The academy is known for its amazing work and you can pay them a visit to enquire about their courses or merely seek advice. They are situated in Randburg.

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