Kicking It With That Fun Dad

For as long as Devin Karpes can remember, he’s always wanted to do comedy. From taking the piss out of his mates around the braai to pranking his wife at home, Devin has always had a funny side to him. There was a fork in the road for him, though, when his daughter was born. Should he grow up and become a serious father or should he take the road less travelled, stick to his guns and become the coolest parent around? Well, of course, Devin took the unbeaten track and saw his new fatherhood as a platform to pursue his dream of comedic stardom.

In walks That Fun Dad. What started out as a way for Devin to express his humour with content created and inspired by his baby daughter, it has grown into a social media success with over 21 000 followers on Instagram, making Devin an influencer to be reckoned with. But instead of telling a bunch of dad jokes, Devin decided to flip the coin and produce edgy content. From dropping swear words every now and then to making a video of Jacob Zuma counting his children, That Fun Dad is here to kick ass and push the envelope as far as he can.

The buck doesn’t stop here, however. Devin has also created a character called Simi (who Devin plays flawlessly), modelled after the typical Sandton mom. Simi caters to the moms who subscribe to That Fun Dad’s social media channels and her job is to review baby products, crack jokes about Tasha’s, and interact with brands. In a nutshell, this is all an excuse for Devin to spend time with his daughter and in return, he receives tons of content to entertain the masses with.

The content that drives Devin’s social media brand specifically on Instagram and Facebook, revolves around the new experiences he goes through as a first-time father. Everything from feeding to changing to getting the little one to sleep is turned into comedy gold. Devin also gives advice for new parents in a segment he calls Just The Tip Thursdays.

What’s next? That Fun Dad is teaming up with a handful of NGOs and brands to make a difference in the lives of many toddlers growing up without parents. Devin is devoted to spending time at different orphanages with the aim of entertaining the kids. It’s the personal experience which lacks in the foster system that Devin wants to tackle head-on. As important as it is for individuals to donate to charity, it’s also important to spend time with kids growing up without parental figures.

Watch this space for upcoming adventures with That Fun Dad as he makes the world a better place, one smile at a time. Here’s a little tip for all you parents-to-be:

By Shawn Greyling

If you would like to get involved in That Fun Dad’s mission to help little ones who are growing up without parents, drop a comment and we’ll start chatting. Sharing is caring so show this to that father-to-be buddy of yours. 

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