Great Events Call For People Who Know All About Fresh

There is nothing better than attending an event that has a ‘super host’ running the show, or you could just be the super host yourself. However, at times it can get quite overwhelming to manage, especially if it’s one of the big ones! So, why not let the professionals help you out? One place that knows what they are doing is Fresh.

Planning an event can be one of the most stressful things to do. We all want to do a great job, be the perfect host and have our efforts acknowledged. You can’t be as hospitable as possible when you are planning, preparing and hosting. It’s chaotic. But we have found the solution to all your worries.


Who Is Fresh? What Is Fresh?

Fresh (also known as Fresh Foods) is the hard work of two amazing ladies, Vicki Clarke and Nikki Gaskell. They met coincidentally at a corporate event and joined forces in 2003 to create something absolutely amazing. Here they are well over 10 years later.

These two ladies both have a love for food and combined it with their ample experience in the industry and decided to create events that would stand out from the rest, by including personal touches and creativity to create something spectacular.

Manning The Event

Fresh manages everything from the ground up to ensure that the planning runs as smoothly as possible. They cover everything including the decor, set up, strike down, guest list and even helping you with the appropriate venue.


Decor And Pizzazz 

One thing that really stands out is their presentation and the spontaneous touches that just take our breath away. Whatever theme you may have in mind, they always find a way to make it look better than what we expected. Creative is the word.


Food And Wash Downs

They make amazing food, whether you want something upmarket or something casual and simple, their food tastes amazing. Also catering to special dietary requirements, they make sure that your needs are met (they state that they are not Halaal/Kosher certified, but they will certainly pull the stops to make sure that everyone is catered for). Fresh also boasts a bar service.

Renting Their Furniture

They have really cool furniture that guests are always wowed by and to everyone’s luck, Fresh rents out their furniture. So, you also get a chance to be your own designer.


Who They Have Worked With?

Fresh has worked with a lot of clients, diverse in their own right, clients such as Katy’s Palace Bar, Copper Bar, Park On 7 and many more venues.

They have catered to weddings, corporate events, engagement parties and parties in general.

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