Fitness Johannesburg

Cool Things To Help You Keep Fit In Jozi

Johannesburg has becoming quite the fit-forward and health-conscious city. With many innovations in fitness happening, saying you are not motivated to get fit has become a mere excuse. More and more clubs, movements and communities are creating a space where you can exercise for free or close to nothing.

Fitness Johannesburg
Nike Run Soweto


Westcliff Stairs

This has to be one of the most exciting things to have hit Johannesburg and is bringing a lot of people together to come and witness where your first steps to fitness begins.

They have taken the historical stairs from just a sight for ordinary viewing to making the stairs into something that the city can use to get fit and have started recognising this as a movement, the Westcliff Stairs is something to be a part of.

If you want to be part of other to get you amped about it, the weekend is the best time to tackle those stairs and get those calves pumped.

Fitness Johannesburg


Parkrun is big and it is getting bigger, held throughout many areas in Johannesburg.

You can pick and choose whichever area is most convenient and suitable for you. They have their fitness fun sessions all over Johannesburg, so you have no excuse but to join the fun. The vibe is always great, literally full of positive energy.

This run is absolutely free and has managed to gather multitudes of people to come together in the union of leading a healthier lifestyle and just getting fit. Those who have Discovery Vitality will definitely love this, this is where points are made.

Fitness Johannesburg

Nike Run

The Nike Run has become very popular in Joburg, with an awesome and active community to keep you inspired and motivated, what more could you need?

Nike started this cool innovation to encourage people to enter into making the running lifestyle a cool one and one things for sure, Jozi is loving it. One that has grown very popular is the Rosebank Nike, they put that mall to a stop with their energy.

A definite cherry on top for those of you who prefer to run alone, they have an app that everyone has been raving about to help you measure, target and keep your discipline.

Put Your Best Foot forward

It’s all fun to set goals, but it’s even more joyful to put them into action. So explore these platforms, get motivated, get moving and get closer to that consistent fitness lifestyle whether it’s running or stepping.

Don’t be afraid to look at new ways to get you all fit and fabulous.

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