Fab In Fabulous Fabric

Finding The Fab In Fabulous Fabric

As a person who loves fashion myself, I know that finding a specific type of fabric or pattern alone can be difficult. When you already have something in mind, it can be very hard swaying from what you have set your mind on so we’re going to look at spots that have some of the most unique materials and the best in variety of what you are looking for.

Fab In Fabulous Fabric

Moosa’s Fabrics

I can fully understand why they have tons of variety, Moosa’s Fabrics’ slogan is “A feast of fabrics”. Hearing that just blows my mind with the idea of getting super creative about my next outfit.

Moosa’s is all about premium fabric and delivering an offering that customers can be proud of. They have a range of fabric for multi-purpose use, fashion, home textiles and more. You can dress yourself and your house, how about that?!

Just to add some extra sauce to all of this, Moosa’s Fabrics have gone as far as the red carpets and major events in South Africa, dressing and suiting up many of famous artists in the country so you know you can find the real deal – red carpet type of fabrics here as well.

Situated in the most popular area when it comes to garments and yummiest spices, the Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg.

Fab In Fabulous Fabric

Black Fabrics 

Situated in Kramerville is a world full of what could build a bundle of costumes, the awesome diversity of fabrics at Black Fabrics is so motivating.

They have more than just fabrics – have you ever had a moment where you wished that a certain fabric was on your wall? Well! They have a huge offering of wallpapers to choose from too, talk about added a very pro touch of interior decor to your home, office, wherever really.

Black Fabrics has taken creativity to a whole new level, also offering unique rugs to add to your home, children’s collection as well as international brands. This spot is definitely a place to explore, just walking into their space leaves you with ideas.

Fab In Fabulous Fabric

Fiona’s Fabrics

If Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was a fabric factory, Fiona’s Fabric would be it. Situated in Randburg, stands this heaven filled with tons of gorgeous fabric and to add onto the awesomeness – they make curtains and offer re-upholstery service.

They have a wide variety of fabrics that you can choose from, in fact – you won’t even know where to begin. It’s a designers dream land, boasting with different textures, patterns, multi-purpose, wallpaper and many more other amazing stuff.

It’s all a work of art really and Fiona’s is taking design to another level in the decor space, many designers come here to get some inspiration with these beautiful fabrics.

Whether it’s for a dress, wallpaper, for sofas – you will definitely find it here!

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