Bloom coffee

This Coffee Spot Will Bloom You Away, Brew!

Coffee has been one of the fastest growing cultures to hit Johannesburg. It has become so popular, that people can certainly name their favourite spots without shame and Bloom Coffee is one of them.

There is a stereotype that Cape Town is the coffee city in our country. However, we can say with confidence, Joburg is bringing the brew game and is the perfect city for coffee connoisseurs to explore.

Bloom coffee

It Tastes Like Heaven, Brew…

We love Bloom Coffee because it has really upped the ante. Not only do they love their coffee, but their passion really shines through.

The coffee is absolutely divine, and has converted many to their amazing smooth blend. Whether you’re a traditionalist when it comes to your coffee, or prefer modern and alternative coffee, this is also a good place to be.

Just to add to the greatness, they have a generous menu that boasts breakfast and sandwiches. All you need to do is pop by!

Bloom coffee

It’s Bean Gorgeous!

How can we not talk about their amazing, refreshing and inspiring space? It can only be described as minimalist, clean and creative.

The colour coordination makes the place pop and encourages you to eat more (like seeing a squeaky clean kitchen). One thing that stands out for many, is their beautiful granite top and the detail on the ceiling is Instagram worthy.

Driven by business innovation and entrepreneurship, this spot is great for social and business meetings. The outside seating has a French feel that we just love.

Bloom coffee

In the bustling Hurst

Bloom Coffee is situated on 34 4th Avenue in Parkhurst, a neighbourhood known for some of the best restaurants in Jozi. This bustling area is great when you just want a little break away from the organised chaos of malls.

The first noticeable thing is the mint signage contrasted by the almost ice white corner shop. This spot is certainly breathtaking!

Bloom coffee

The Grind…

Bloom Coffee has an amazing boardroom, perfect for business meetings with clients or team meetings. This innovation speaks of the true essence of what they believe – encouraging a better working space and entrepreneurship.

If you want to check out their spaces, you can visit their Instagram page just to whet your appetite.

Visit Bloom Coffee and go get your kick!

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