Best Esoteric Stores in Joburg

Tallulah Earthstones

This is a lovely and vibrant store in Boksburg. Tallulah’s specialises in crystals of all sorts, ranging from the common quarts to the glittering sunstone. They also have many items of clothing such as hoodies, printed tees and flowy skirts. What makes this store worth a trip to the east, is their many dream catchers. Making them the best place to start your collection of feathered webs as they are most affordable and come in many colours. This is important as the colour can impact your chakras and energy balance. They also offer workshops, crystal cleanses and yoga classes.

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The Dreamcatcher Shop

The Dreamcatcher was based in Fourways Mall for many years but has now moved to Cedar Square. With their name, you would think this a haven for anyone searching for the perfect dream catcher. However, they have limited options and most of their dream catchers are very large. Although they do have some of the most beautiful dream catchers available in Joburg. The reason to come here is that it is the place to get all the esoteric books you can dream of from learning how to read tarots to the interpretation of dreams. They also have a huge selection of adorable spiritual figurines.

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Crystal Spirits

This is a small store hidden away in a corner in Lakefield, Benoni. As soon as you open the door your olfactory senses will be teased with the subtle scents of incense. Unlike most other esoteric stores, this one does not have a vast rainbow of crystals, sticking to just the necessary. Instead, they have wide varieties of candles in every shape, size and scent. They have scented candles, chakra candles, ritual candles and even SPCA candles, where the entire amount spent on the candle gets donated to the Benoni SPCA. There is also a library of spiritual and self-help books and many bracelets, earrings and necklaces. They now also have the convenience of an online store. You can also check out their Facebook page or their app available on Google Play and the App Store to see all the workshops and sale items they have.

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dream catchers

House of Isis

Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of wisdom and magic, so it’s appropriate that a store specialising in the occult and spirituality be named for her. Where the other stores on this list are quite spiritual, House of Isis is more pagan. They stock items needed for various pagan rituals like candles, crystal wands, smudge sticks and pendulums. This is also one of the few stores that offers runes; they have rune stones, rune cards, rune sets and rune books. And they stock Ouija boards and dowsing rods, which can be tricky to find. One of the main attractions of this shop, especially for non-pagans, is the jewellery. They have pendants ranging in different cultures from Celtic to voodoo and everything in between.

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Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe

This shop and wellness centre is based in Roodepoort but often have stalls at various markets, such as the Vegan Hippie Connection Market. It is the perfect place for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of all things holistic as they have many workshops. Their workshops range in diversity from meditation to sacred divine geometry and drumming circles to chakra healing. They also sell all the basic esoteric items like crystals, cards, zodiac pendants and moon calendars.

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Special Mention: Estoril Books

Despite all the wonderful esoteric stores in Joburg, it is still difficult to find a good tarot card deck. Enter Estoril Books, they have a huge selection of tarot and angel decks from the classic figures found in earlier centuries to the newer Doreen Virtue unicorn and goddess patterns. They also have a huge selection of books about the tarot for any self teachers of this interesting art form.

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